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With Radical Tools, projects are literally up and running in minutes. You can quickly analyze shipment data by calculated freight costs. Radical Tools includes industry standard rate tables while allowing you to import discounts, custom rates, transit times, capacity constraints and more.


By integrating with Excel, Radical Tools makes it easy to import and export data. Included are sample spreadsheets that provide you with a jumpstart on rate analysis, carrier bid analysis and logistics network analysis. You can review thousands of lanes in a matter of seconds.


The wide array of possible applications is reflected in our customer base ranging from Fortune 50 companies like Dell and UPS, to large and small consulting companies including Accenture, third party logistics companies, wholesaler distributors, transportation companies and more. Radical Tools provides so much functionality and flexibility that it is virtually impossible to describe all the applications.

Sample Applications

Simple Network Change Analysis

What is the transportation cost impact of moving one of your distribution centers? Load up the historic shipments, change the origin, and in no time see the difference in transportation costs. Radical can literally rate 100,000 shipments in just a few seconds.

Network Simulation Models

The combination of rating and distance tools allows you to find the nearest facilities and build very sophisticated network simulation models. Staples used Radical Tools to build a number of tactical and strategic network models which allowed them to optimize their retail and delivery business units. Radical Tools is a favorite tool among consultants when quick results are required or when the size of the project does not warrant a full-fledged LP or MIP optimization tool.

Integration with Other Optimization Tools

Radical Tools is often used in conjunction with more traditional Supply Chain Optimization tools. While Radical Tools does not have a built-in optimization engine, the ability to build simulation models and rate shipments much more accurately and easily makes Radical Tools a perfect companion when doing very large network studies.

Reverse-engineering of Shipment Costs

Extremely fast rating makes Radical Tools the perfect tool to determine tariff discounts and minimums that most accurately match a set of shipments with total costs. This is often used as a first step when performing what-if scenarios and working with limited data.

Creation of Internal Blended LTL and Truckload Tariffs

One Radical Tools customer built its own internal blended LTL and truckload tariffs that it uses for all internal analysis work. Having these rates developed makes it very easy for the company to evaluate the impact of changes to their business.

Cost vs. Transit Time Analysis

Using transit times from two dozen possible shipping locations of a small package carrier, one company was able to use Radical Tools to determine a combination of facilities that provided the lowest cost service with the highest percentage of next-day delivery service using UPS ground.

LTL Rate Analysis

With the help of Radical Tools, it is extremely easy to evaluate the exact impact of carriers changing freight class, discounts and fuel scales, putting you in the driver’s seat when negotiating contracts with your LTL carriers. You can easily compare carrier costs on actual shipment data, allowing you to select carriers based on weight brackets, lanes and much more.

Inbound Prepaid to Collect Conversion

The ability to easily estimate the cost of inbound shipments allows you to negotiate true product costs with your vendors. Several of our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on inbound conversions with the help of Radical Tools.

Carrier Bid Analysis

Using Radical Tools, a large 3PL provider performed a carrier bid analysis in one third the time previously taken. With the help of Radical Tools, they reduced the number of used carriers by 27%, while also significantly lowering their overall costs.

Transit Time Analysis

How many of your expensive next day air shipments would have still been delivered next-day if using Ground? And how much would it have saved you? Load your shipments and use Radical Tools to find out!

Rate Auditing

Radical Tools is an ideal tool to perform rate auditing. Load your carrier contract tariffs into Radical Tools and you can quickly find all shipments that vary greater than a specified percentage from your expected rate.

LTL Shipment Rating for Accrual Purposes

A large wholesaler used our software to significantly increase the accuracy of common carrier accruals from an estimated 20% variability down to an estimated 2% variability.

Saving Time and Boosting Productivity

Companies are reporting that projects that once took several weeks can now be accomplished in days. One consulting company claimed that Radical Tools enabled them to cut the average time to complete a project from six weeks down to three weeks.

Empowering Internal Resources

One of our customers told us that Radical Tools allowed them to do several projects internally instead of outsourcing, saving tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

Data Preparation and Cleansing:

Checking, correcting and validating locations, shipments and costs is typically the most time consuming (and therefore costly) step of any logistics project. Many of our customers report a significant reduction in time spent cleaning or preparing data. Radical Tools provides more time to do the real analysis work and a faster turn-around time on projects.