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At the core of Radical Tools are several advanced components: A built-in geocoder, a distance calculator, and a highly advanced rating engine with built-in LTL and small package tariffs. The combination of these components, the tight integration into Excel, and the impressive performance of well over 100,000 calculations per second of Radical Tools formulas is what makes Radical Tools truly unique. Load up a quarter of a million historical shipments and you can do analysis on these shipments such as changing carriers, changing discounts, shifting modes, finding cheaper, quicker, or closer origins and/or destinations. The incredible thing is that your quarter of a million shipments can be recalculated within seconds. This gives you the unprecedented ability to change, evaluate, and experiment, and ultimately find cheaper and better ways of doing things.

Distance Calculations

Calculates direct or road network distances between two zip codes, routes distances and closest zip code from a list of zip codes. You can also determine zip codes given latitude and longitude coordinates.

Customer Assignments

Assigns customers or other locations to distribution centers using shortest distance, cheapest cost or fastest service.

Network Design

Determines green field locations based on weighted demand, or makes it easy to evaluate impact of different combinations of open and closed facilities.

Tariff Rating

Parcel rating determines rates using one of the 14 built-in UPS or FedEx tariffs while LTL rating calculates shipping costs based on the built-in MARS 500 tariff. You can use the pre-configured Truckload contracts, or import your own contracts for Truckload rates. Radical has full support of fuel surcharges and and various small package and LTL surcharges

Contract Rating

Radical TOOLS allows you to easily replicate even very complex carrier contracts, with support for service areas, fuel scales, freight class mapping and much more.

Carrier and Mode Selection

Chooses the lowest cost carrier and/or mode that satisfy transit requirements.

Carrier Ranking

Evaluates carrier bids by ranking carriers from least cost to most expensive. Combine it with capacity constraint functionality and you can determine which and how many carriers should service each lane.

Rate Shopping

Once you have set up your carrier contracts, you can easily list all qualifying carriers and rates for a given shipment.

Data Clean Up

Finds a city or state given a 5-digit zip code or Canadian Postal Code. You can also find a zip code or postal code for a given city and state. You can determine whether a zip code is valid or find a 5-digit zip code given a 3-digit zip code. Most tools allow you to use an approximate flag, so you can ignore bad zip codes and use an approximate zip 3 instead.